Recipe from The Talleygram, February 8, 2006

Parthenon Quinoa Salad

Yield:  4 - 6 Servings          Difficulty: Medium


Chef’s Notes:  Quinoa (say KEEN-wa) is a natural high-protein whole grain grown in South America. It has more protein and that protein is more complete than in any other grain.  Grains of quinoa are shaped like small beads.  The ivory-colored quinoa cooks like rice and takes half of the time of regular rice.  It expands to four times its original volume.  Let quinoa amaze you in your cooking!



3 cups Ancient Harvest Traditional Quinoa

1/2 cup Napa Valley Naturals Olive Oil

1/2 cup Eden Selected Red Wine Vinegar

2 teaspoons Life Lines Sea Salt

2 teaspoons Simply Organic Black Pepper

1 teaspoon Frontier Dried Oregano

1/4 cup parsley, chopped

3 large tomatoes, diced

2 cucumbers, seeded & diced

1 1/2 cups Mediterranean Organic Kalamata Olives, halved & pitted

1/2+ cup Organic Creamery Feta Cheese, crumbled

All ingredients are available at Talley's


  1. Cook quinoa in 4 cups of boiling water with a teaspoon of sea salt and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  Cook it like you cook rice.

  2. To make vinaigrette, combine the olive oil, red wine vinegar, sea salt, black pepper, dried oregano, and parsley.  Whisk together.

  3. Pour vinaigrette over cooked quinoa and let it marinate for an hour.

  4. In another bowl, toss together tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, and feta cheese.  Add the quinoa mixture & season again, if necessary.  Refrigerate and serve cold.

Original Talley's recipe by Chef Jyoti Friedland

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